10 Ultimate Summer Party Ideas

If you’re looking for summer party ideas in preparation for an upcoming birthday, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! From BBQs to carnivals, our list is guaranteed to have a little something for everyone. Each and every one of our ideas can be adapted to best suit the guest of honour, so you’re never completely out of original summer party ideas.

Have a look through our ultimate list of summer party ideas for adults and children and see which ones catch your eye! Are you wanting to celebrate your birthday in style with an elaborate summer festival theme? Or would you prefer to chill out on your birthday by throwing a summer pool party? However you want to celebrate, there’s no better time of year to do so outside in the sunshine.

Top 10 Summer Birthday Party Ideas

summer party ideas

1) Summer BBQ Party

Throwing a backyard BBQ party is a perfect way to really start your summer birthday off with a bang with such a good summer activity! A garden BBQ party right in the middle of the warmer months is the perfect summer birthday party idea and one that’ll definitely entertain your guests even as the sun starts to set.

There are so many barbecue party ideas for you to consider, from bbq party decor (like this classic red and white gingham tablecloth or these fantastic burger plates) to the actual food you put on the grill (like these chicken and halloumi burgers!). Even if on the day of your party, the heaven’s open and you’re blessed with an original British Summer, a BBQ party theme is guaranteed to lift your guest’s spirits come, rain or shine. summer party ideas

2) Summer Solstice Party Idea

When it comes to summer party ideas, you can’t get more on the nose than a Summer Solstice party. According to Britannica, the Summer Solstice is when “the path of the Sun in the sky is farthest north in the Northern Hemisphere”. This usually takes place on either the 20th or the 21st of June every year.

The Summer Solstice is often referred to as the “longest day”. This is because it’s the day of the year with the highest number of daylight hours. So, with that many hours to fill, you’ll really be needing a few Summer Solstice Party Ideas! Many people from all over the globe have thrown their own festivals to mark the occasion, so why should your summer celebration be any different?

summer party ideas

3) Summer Pool Party

This is the perfect summer birthday party idea for escaping the extreme summer heat! Whether you’re planning on making a trip to your local pool, or you’re lucky enough to have your very own, planning a pool party is a perfect way to chill out and celebrate your birthday in style. Especially surrounded by great music and your friends and family.

The best thing about a pool party? As long as you’ve got some form of pool, the rest of it is well and truly up to you. Whether a small paddling pool is more than enough to cool you and your guests down, or you’re looking to get something a little more substantial, there are plenty of places online to purchase the pool of your dreams.summer party ideas

4) Garden Dinner Party

If you’re planning on serving up a feast, there’s no better place to be in the Summer than outside in the garden! Garden dinner party ideas are often incredibly creative, meaning that you can make as many personal changes to them as you’d like. Serve up a beautiful dinner for your nearest and dearest, and have a delightful night of class, sophistication and conversation. Play music softly in the background and you’ve created the perfect atmosphere.

Summer garden party ideas often include getting creative with various types of foliage, opt for more handmade crafts, or serve your very own garden-themed birthday cocktail to serve throughout the evening. Why not go for something classical like a Rhubarb Fizz, or a totally refreshing Cuban Mojito?summer party ideas

5) Summer Luau Party Idea

Get ready to break out the grass skirts and the coconuts; how’s a Summer Luau party for a Summer party idea? Pretend that you’re living it large in the 50th state, and embrace your inner Hawaiian.

We recommend this Tiki Piñata to really get this party started, and be sure to stock up on as many leis and summer party supplies as you can for you and your guests! This summer party idea is perfect for those who want to celebrate in style. A themed summer party is a lot of effort and planning, however, if you can pull it off without a hitch, it’ll be a party people talk about for years to come.

summer party ideas

6) Summer Festival Themed Party

A festival themed party is one of the best birthday themes you can go for, especially when living it up in the Summer months. Whatever music floats your boat, a festival-themed birthday party is the perfect way to share your passions with the people you love, as well as have the opportunity to dance the night away to your favourite artists.

With festival party ideas you can go as vague as you’d like and simply choose a festival-style garden party, or get really specific and creative by throwing an incredible Coachella-themed party! Festival garden party ideas are fairly easy too! With this Glastonbury Festival Decoration Party Pack, you’ll have everything you could possibly want from bunting to flags to personalised signage. If you’re looking for even more of the VIP treatment, you could even use these Personalized Festival Lanyards.

summer party ideas

7) Carnival Party Idea

Roll up! Roll Up! Get your carnival themed party ideas here! For your carnival birthday party, you’re going to need to go all in. We’re talking carnival party decorations and carnival decor (like this fantastic tent backdrop or this incredible circus theme signage!).

We’re talking out-there circus party ideas, circus-themed table settings, entertainers, a circus-themed cake: the whole 9 yards! Bonus points for any costumes, the more intricate the better, as well as any fairground rides you can manage!

This is a summer party idea that is bound to be remembered for years to come, and in the heat of July and August, you and your guests are going to want to be anywhere but indoors! So prepare some of your wildest and wackiest drinks and cocktails, play your music as loud as you want and decorate with water balloons or even a lemonade stand, and dance the night away.

summer party ideas

8) Backyard Boho Celebration

Throwing a backyard boho celebration is a fantastic party idea for kids. This kid’s birthday party idea is the perfect opportunity to bring all of your friends and family together, serve some lovingly cooked food, and share an evening joking and laughing together. With these boho garden party tablescape decorations, complete with bunting, plates, cutlery and napkins, you don’t have to worry about anything. Simply use them as you see fit! Use as much foliage and bright colours in your table decorations to really make a dramatic impact.

The key to throwing a great backyard boho celebration is making sure that everyone has a great time, and is comfortable. So, make sure you decorate your outdoor space with lots of soft boho furnishings such as cushions, curtains, or even blankets for when the night begins to draw in and the sun goes down.

summer party ideas

9) Summer Picnic Party Idea

Picture this: the sun is shining and you’re stumped for summer party ideas. Well, why not try a summer picnic party? Get out of the house and enjoy the heat of the summertime with your friends and family. Invest in a brand new picnic blanket if you’re thinking of hosting a smaller soirée, or splash out on a special picnic table if you’re planning on throwing the party of the century.

Serve an array of finger food like sandwiches and biscuits, get the drinks flowing and gather your friends together for a brilliant party in the sunshine! This is one of the ultimate summer party ideas for those who’d prefer a relaxed and low-key celebration, as opposed to a really over-the-top party! This summer party idea bodes so well with the warm weather, and can we combined with an ice cream social to make the ultimate 4th of July party!

summer party ideas

10) Summer Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a popular summer party theme for adults. If you’re looking for something slightly more classy and sophisticated, a summer wine tasting party could be the ultimate option. Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur, or a complete novice when it comes to vino, there’s something for everyone when it comes to taking part.

You can organise a wine party for yourself, or you could arrange for a professional to take care of the difficult part. That way, you get to focus on the important bit; the drinking! For example, this package with GoHen includes 6 different wine options and a trained sommelier who can help along the way. With bonus quizzes and a prize bottle of bubbly included, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

summer party ideas

Summer Party Ideas Concluded

It is time to start handing out your party invitations for your summer bash now you have an idea of how you choose to celebrate with our fantastic list of fun summer party ideas. We hope our handy guide has given you some ideas! To summarise, here is our list of the best summer party ideas:

  1. Summer BBQ Party
  2. Summer Solstice Party Idea
  3. Summer Pool Party
  4. Garden Dinner Party
  5. Summer Luau Party Idea
  6. Summer Festival Themes Party
  7. Carnival Party Idea
  8. Backyard Boho Celebration
  9. Summer Picnic Party Idea
  10. Summer Wine Tasting

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