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Games to play at a baby shower

Games to play at a baby shower


Baby showers are the perfect place to gather friends and loved ones together to celebrate a new arrival. Whether you are planning your own or want to surprise a friend, a shower is a great chance to spoil the mum-to-be, exchange gifts and play some games. But what are the perfect activities for this special day? We’ve collated some of our favourite games to play at a baby shower which guests will love.

Games to play at a baby shower

When planning the activities, think about the guestlist for the baby shower. How many people will be attending? Does everyone know each other? If there will be lots of people from different circles, why not start off with some ice-breaker games to help everyone get to know each other better. You could schedule these at the beginning of the event which set guests off to mingle and enjoy the shower.

  • Guess who. If you’ve ever attended a baby shower, chances are you will have played this game, but who are we to argue with tradition? Guessing baby pictures is a fun way to kick-off the event and get people chatting and reminiscing. Before the shower, ask everyone to send photos of them as a baby or toddler, and stick them around the room. Consider making a dedicated email address for the event so any photos or information can be sent directly to this inbox. Pin the photos around the room and once everyone arrives, get people to guess which baby picture belongs to each guest. This is a funny way to see how people have changed over time and get everyone introduced.
  • Fact matcher. When everyone has arrived, ask guests to write down a unique fact about themselves as a child which no one in the room knows about. This could be anything from a special talent, to a TV appearance or even a funny interest they had. Ask guests to put these in a hat and the host will read out each one. Everyone must guess which unique fact belongs to which person. This is especially fun if lots of guests don’t know each other as it will make the game more challenging.
Games to play at a baby shower

Baby shower games for large groups

If you have a larger guest list, think about activities where everyone can join in. Alternatively, consider splitting guests into smaller groups to enjoy games. Rotate the groups throughout the shower so everyone gets a chance to chat and spend time with the mum-to-be.

  • Present bingo. In the world of baby showers and gifts, there is often a pattern followed, so why not make a game out of it? Before the party, create different bingo-style sheets with potential baby shower gifts such as pampers, soft animals and bodysuits. When the mum-to-be is opening her presents, the guests can tick off which ones they see. The first person to get a vertical or horizontal line wins a prize! This is a fun way to get everyone involved in the present unwrapping.
  • Don’t say, baby. This game begins as soon as guests arrive. At a baby shower, there is going to be one word that’s on everybody lips, so challenge all guests not to say the word “baby!” This will lead to lots of creative types of expressions and phrases. Choose something for each guest to carry so that if they are overheard saying “baby”, their item is taken away from them. Go creative with different coloured dummies, or simply write on a piece of card.  Whoever has managed to not say the word and collect the most items from the others by the end of the game, wins. Take the game to the end of the shower or an appropriate time such as the present opening or food.
Baby shower games for large groups

Most popular baby shower games

Baby shower games which get guests moving and chatting are perfect to get the party underway. If you need help with preparation, why not ask friends and family to lend a hand. They’ll be more than happy to get involved to give you the best shower possible. If you want to be surprised, why not ask someone else to plan the activities? This way you can join in with all the games and be fully immersed.

  • Baby food challenge. This one is for a more adventurous guest list. Head to your local supermarket and pick out ten different baby food flavours, the more unique the better! Try and get a good mix between sweet and savoury. Before the party, transfer each type into a bowl and put the flavour on a sticky note hidden on the bottom of the bowl. Ask guests to sample the flavours and try and pin a guess on what they are. Maybe mix it up and have some easy flavours such as “apple” and then something more specific such as “risotto with turkey and vegetables” and see who can get the closest. Whoever has the most right will win!
  • Time Capsule. This is a really wholesome activity which allows the mum-to-be to remember the baby shower and gives something for the child to look at when they’re older. Email each guest to bring something for the time capsule which reminds them of the current period. This could be a printable news article, CD, leaflet, piece of clothing, literally anything they like. Gather everyone together to look at each item and ask the guest why they’ve chosen it. Then fold everything away into a capsule and save it for your chosen period. Share these special memories with your child in 10 or even 20 years time for a fun bonding and reminiscing experience.
Most popular baby shower games

The final word

Now you’ve read some of our favourite games to play at a baby shower you can start planning your activities! Which one was your favourite? Don’t forget you can adapt the ideas to make them perfect for your event. Pinterest has a wealth of ideas if you want to get some inspiration and plenty of printable material. Why not make the shower as personal as possible for the mum-to-be so she’ll never forget. If you’re a guest at the shower, offer to share your services to help, be that be with catering, decorating or even coming up with some activities to ensure the parents stay stress-free.

If you’re hosting a baby shower for yourself or a loved one, come and celebrate with us at Milton Hill House where you can have an event to remember. We are totally flexible with our celebrations and can offer both indoor and outdoor showers, afternoon tea and private dining to celebrate the new arrival. Our dedicated event coordinators are there every step of the way to make your shower perfect. If you have anything special in mind, let our team know and we can incorporate it. We understand how personal this celebration is and we’ll make sure its a memorable day. With delicious catering and comfortable accommodation, Milton Hill House is the perfect party venue. Contact our team today for further information or browse our venue hire Oxford page.

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