Classy Hen Party Ideas and Themes The Bride Will Love

When it comes to planning the perfect hen party, there’s a growing trend towards embracing sophistication and style. Gone are the days of wild and raucous celebrations; today’s brides-to-be are opting for more refined affairs.

Classy hen party themes are a great idea and a great opportunity for the bride to gather around with her nearest and dearest (apart from the groom, of course) and celebrate the upcoming wedding with the utmost class.Whether you’re wanting a classy hen party with wine tasting and party games, or you’re looking for the perfect hen weekend idea with a soundtrack made up of nothing but Spice Girls hits, make it a night to remember and have lots of fun with one of our classy hen party themes.

If you’re in charge of organising a hen party and looking for inspiration, here are some classy hen party ideas and themes that will leave everyone talking.

Fashion-themed Classy Hen Party Themes

classy hen party themes

Tuxedo Hen Party

You and the girls could probably pull off any of these classy hen do ideas so why not try something a little different and wear tuxedos instead? They look amazing and if you’re into hats, you can pair them with a top hat to finish it off.

Then hit the town! Grab a few drinks at the fanciest cocktail place you know, and be sure to strut your stuff like nobody’s business! Don’t forget, just because you in a tux, doesn’t mean you have to leave the heels at home! If you’re looking for hen party themed outfits, classy is often the very best way to go.


The Little Black Dress (LBD for short) is a classic look for a hen party and it’s very hard not to look glamorous in a LBD so it’s perfect for brides (and bridal parties) who aren’t into L-plates and sashes (though these could be added later). Now that you look the part, go out for cocktails or see a show .

Era-themed Elegant Hen Party Themes

classy hen party themes

Great Gatsby

There are so many ways to be classy with a Great Gatsby theme and you can take the iconic drinking image to be part of your night by recreating it and seeing who can do the best version. You can then either go out or decorate a hen party venue to look like one of theirs. You’ll soon find that the roaring 20s never looked so good!

Vintage Glamour

Transport the bride and her squad back in time with a Vintage Glamour theme. Encourage guests to dress in elegant 1920s flapper dresses or glamorous 1950s attire. Choose a venue with a classic ambience, perhaps a charming tearoom or a speakeasy-style lounge. Incorporate vintage decorations like lace, pearls, and soft pastel colours to create an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

Vintage themed hen dos are super classy and you can easily combine your outfits, decorations and activities to make it all go together nicely. Rent some vintage cars and take your bride for afternoon tea with vintage china, or organise a lovely spring garden party, and get some photographs of you all looking amazing.

Hen Party Food and Drink Ideas

Sophisticated Afternoon Tea

For an undeniably classy affair, plan a Sophisticated Afternoon Tea. Book a high-end tea venue or create a tea party at home with tiered trays of finger sandwiches, scones, and delicate pastries. Ask guests to dress in their finest tea party attire – think floral dresses, pearls, and fascinators. Add a touch of elegance with vintage china and beautiful flower arrangements for a truly refined experience.

Wine Tasting Extravaganza

For wine enthusiasts, a Wine Tasting Extravaganza can be a sophisticated and enjoyable option. Arrange a private wine tasting session at a vineyard or hire a professional sommelier to guide the group through a selection of fine wines. Pair the wines with delectable cheeses and gourmet snacks. This classy hen party theme offers a perfect blend of class and celebration, creating lasting memories for the bride and her friends.

Item or Activity-themed Classy Hen Parties

classy hen party themes


Show off your inner sparkle with some glitter. If you want to keep it as a classy hen party theme idea, don’t go too crazy. A little glitter eyeliner and a sparkly dress will go a long way. Don’t forget that you can make the decorations glittery and even add edible glitter to the cocktails.

If you really want to be the star of the show, we recommend choosing one glitter colour for the bride-to-be and a different glitter colour for the rest of the wedding party in order to stand out amongst the crowd!


If the bride is a fan of flower power, then flowers may be the theme for you. You can wear flowery dresses, flower crowns, put flowers in your hair and use them as decorations to make everywhere look pretty and sophisticated. For a crafty night, you could even bake with edible flowers or shape icing into flowers. No wedding celebration is complete without flowers, so why not kick things off the right way by incorporating them in your hen party?

Spa Retreat

For a more relaxed and rejuvenating classy hen party theme, consider treating your bride like the queen she is with some pampering at a spa retreat. Book a luxurious spa day for the bride and her friends, complete with massages, facials, and manicures. Many spas offer packages specifically designed for bridal parties, ensuring everyone gets pampered in style. Top it off with a healthy brunch and some refreshing spa-inspired cocktails for a day of blissful relaxation. You can all get together in your personalised fluffy robes and unwind together. It’s important to find the time to relax before the big day!

Questions to Ask Before Picking a Hen Party Theme 

1. Do you have to have one?

No. You don’t have to choose a theme but it can make the whole event a bit more fun and can certainly break the ice for your guests! There is a wide variety of classy hen party ideas or otherwise!

It’s important to remember that a hen party theme doesn’t just apply to what you wear: it also applies to whatever activities and games you and your group decide to take part in, what food and drink you consume, and the overall atmosphere that’s created at your hen party! So, although your hen party outfit is important, it’s key to remember that everything else is very important too!

2. Will the bride enjoy it?

This is probably one of the biggest things to consider. If the bride will hate it (and you still want to be on speaking terms later) you should probably consider choosing something else to keep the peace. It’ll make the hen night more fun for everyone. Themed hen parties are perfect for the bride who loves to get her party on, dressing up in a variety of garish hen party accessories, and will enjoy playing lots of hen party games!

3. Will everyone else enjoy it?

Don’t neglect the guests when planning the hen do. They need to have fun, especially if they are having to put money into it. If the bride sees all her friends and family having a great time, she’s way more likely to enjoy it too. The key to a successful bachelorette party is that it’s fun for everyone, not just the bride!

4. Is it affordable?

This is the other big question. Whether everyone is chipping in or it’s going to be just one person paying, you need to make sure that there will be enough in the budget for what you want. Most things can be toned down and there are many ways of doing things if you are thrifty or crafty. Now onto our classy hen do themes…

Classy Hen Party Ideas and Themes Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hen parties are evolving, and the emphasis on class and sophistication is becoming increasingly popular. From Vintage Glamour to Spa Retreats, Wine Tasting Extravaganzas to Bohemian Chic, there are plenty of classy hen party themes to choose from. Remember, the key to a successful hen party is tailoring the celebration to the bride’s personality and preferences. With these classy themes for hen parties, you’re sure to create an unforgettable experience that the bride and her friends will cherish for years to come. Cheers to love, laughter, and celebrating in style!

Hen Party Venue in Oxfordshire

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