How to Throw an Unforgettable Garden Party

Warm days and evenings make summer the ideal time to take your dinner parties, birthday parties, or baby shower outdoors. When it comes to hosting a successful garden party it sure pays to get creative. After a long winter cooped up inside, nothing feels more exciting than a summer party among loved ones. Think outdoor party games, fruity cocktails, delicious foods, and your guests soaking up the sunshine, everyone loves a garden party! 

Styling things up for your big or small garden party is fun, whether it is introducing a bar for alfresco cocktails, or simply getting creative with garden decoration ideas and tea lights for a more elegant and chilled out vibe. There are also many practicalities to think about, such as furniture placement, keeping your guests warm and comfortable, and entertainment.

We asked our professional party planners to share their top outdoor party ideas with us.

5 Tips on Throwing an Unforgettable Garden Party

  1. Garden Party Theme
  2. Outdoor Party Decorations 
  3. Consider your Budget
  4. Garden Party Activities and Games
  5. Suitable Outdoor Party Food

5 Tips on Throwing an Unforgettable Garden Party

1. Garden Party Themes

Opting for a party theme could make for an unforgettable garden party. Depending on your event a range of ideas could include hawaiian theme, fairy wonderland, princess party or Gatsby themed. 

Another option could be to host an outdoor cocktail party which can be an excellent summer event. Whether you choose to serve alcoholic cocktails as well as nonalcoholic options such as mocktails or fresh juices for those who choose to consume less alcohol, be sure to cater for all of your guest’s needs.

Why not go the extra mile and set up a designated cocktail station for your guests to get involved and introduce a mixologist to your outdoor event as a fun activity to kickstart your garden party.

Hosting a cocktail party doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, it just requires some delicious cocktails and a bit of research to understand your guest’s preferences. Toss in some fancy touches to your cocktails and personalise them with little touches that fit our outdoor event theme and you have yourself an elegant cocktail garden party!

2. Outdoor Party Decorations 

If you prefer colourful decorations, you can go all out for your garden party. Hanging colourful lanterns, putting up a pinata, and tablescape decorations there are many things for you to do to decorate your outdoor party in style.

Why not deck out your garden party with bright paper pom pom decorations if you are bored of bunting. Hang them from trees, beams, and window frames to create fuss-free decorations.

Why not get crafty and make your own outdoor decorations and party favours or purchase them if you are pushed for ideas and time. If you are making your own decorations try using patterned paper to add vibrance to your garden party, paired with outdoor fairy lights, your garden will look so inviting you’ll never want to go back inside! 

3. Consider your Budget

A garden party can quickly add up when it comes to food, decorations and drinks – but only if you let it.

The important thing is to set a reasonable budget beforehand to work towards. Setting yourself a budget when planning your outdoor party will help you map out exactly what you need and will show you where you can potentially cut costs. This will also help you to keep organised with the event, listing parts of your event that are necessary and will help you to keep on track. 

Coming up with a budget for your garden party will also make it easier for you to stick to one, instead of waiting until the last minute and overspending.

If this is something that you find difficult, then look at outdoor venues to hire where you can host your party, such as Milton Hill House, and use their facilities by hiring an event planner to help you to take the stress off your shoulders. This is particularly useful for large outdoor events, our friendly, experienced event planners know how to organise a large event and ensure it runs smoothly so you can enjoy yourself. 

4. Garden Party Activities 

Once you know who is attending your party, you’ll need to decide what activities you think they will enjoy. Some guests may prefer a quiet natter listening to music, whilst others may enjoy active games that involve all of your guests. 

There are many different outdoor garden party activities that will be sure to keep your guests occupied of any age including DIY activities such as cocktail making or cupcake making. For child friendly garden parties, why not look into outdoor afternoon tea – perfect for a baby shower – or why not host outdoor party games. No matter the age of your guests our range of activities are guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable garden party.

5 . Suitable Outdoor Party Food

If you’re hosting an outdoor party, suitable food is important, you can throw a 3 course sit down meal if you expect your guests to mingle and stand. 

Your guests sharing food with one another is the perfect opportunity to form and create new bonds. Food is your guest’s invitation to get to know people better and is the ideal way to introduce your guests to each other and for them to socialise. If your event is a mingling garden party, then plan to provide food that is easily carried on a small plate such as a BBQ.

Many guests at Garden parties prefer to graze on appetisers and dishes that are on the lighter side, instead of sit down 3-course meals. The menu at your garden party does not need to be complicated or gourmet, but it should of course look as good as it tastes. 

BBQ’s are another ideal option for guests to pick as they go on and offers a variety of different foods that cater for many different guests and dietary requirements.

At Milton Hill House, our chefs will work with you to create a suitable menu for your event to ensure your guests enjoy their time. 

Throwing an Outdoor Party

There are many benefits to holding an event outdoors, particularly in the summer months as when the weather is warm, the perfect place to be is out in the sunshine and fresh air. 

Hosting a party outdoors can also help to make your social event bigger and make your guests feel more relaxed in the long run. 

Additional benefits of an outdoor party include more possibilities for you and your event planner to be creative with your entertainment, decorations and space.

Outdoor Venue Hire

If your garden is too small to hold a garden party or you’re looking to hold a summer corporate event in Oxford, Milton Hill House is the perfect outdoor venue to hire. Our experienced event planners and beautiful grounds mean we’re the perfect location for you to hold a personal or corporate outdoor event. 

We offer a flexible event venue to make your celebration a memorable experience. Our venue is surrounded by 22 acres of tranquil parkland to assure you receive the full experience for your outdoor party.

We offer a striking unforgettable venue with wonderful picturesque grounds, perfect for summer garden parties and celebrations with ample outdoor space. Be sure to sit in the sun with all of your closest friends and family to enjoy your celebration overlooking the grounds on a wonderful summer’s day. 

If you would like to find out more information regarding our outdoor venue at Milton Hill House, then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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