Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

The Best Virtual Birthday Party Ideas Of 2021

Birthdays have recently become…well, how should we put this? Not as exciting as they once were, perhaps? Throwing a remarkable birthday party has become just one of the many challenges that pandemic-life has thrown at us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some incredible virtual birthday party ideas, and use this lockdown lifestyle to your advantage! 

Every good party starts with an element of forward planning, and a little bit of preparation certainly shouldn’t go amiss! So, before you crack on with planning the best virtual birthday party ever, here are a few things you should consider before sending out the invitations left, right, and centre:

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Pick Out A Creative Theme

Choosing a theme for your virtual birthday party is practically no different from choosing a theme for your in-real-life birthday party. If anything, it should be a little bit easier on the ‘planning’ front! Just because you can’t leave the house, doesn’t give you (or anyone!) an excuse to not dress up!

Whether you’ve been swept up in Bridgerton fever and would like to host your own elegant soirée, or there’s a costumed Mad Hatter’s tea party on the cards, a theme is guaranteed to lift the spirits of everyone involved.

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Send Out Party Favours

Now, can you really call yourself a top-notch party host without sending out party favours ahead of your virtual party? Trick question: of course, you can’t. We’re joking, of course: the best thing you can do for your birthday party is to make it the best it can be for you.  

However, receiving a party bag (however old you are!) is always appreciated, as well as being incredibly exciting! Opting for something small and easy to transport might be a good idea though.

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Decorations Are Essential: Put Them Everywhere!

A snazzy looking Zoom background can only go so far; come on, it’s your birthday! Blow up a few (dozen) balloons, crack open the party poppers, and hang as many banners as you possibly can! Shout it from the rooftops that YOU survived another year, and you survived it during a pandemic. Look at you! Too many decorations are still not enough decorations, and In this instance, overkill is just the right amount of kill.  

Now your party space is looking immaculately festive, you’re set for a fantastic celebration no matter how old you are or who you’re inviting!  However, a birthday party isn’t just about decorations and cake; it’s also about the activities and party games you take part in with your friends and family. Oh, and lots of cake. Did we mention the cake?!  

If you consider yourself (and your party guests) to be in the aged 18 and over category, you might be wanting some grown-up and mature activities that are sophisticated, and classy. However, if you’re looking for a couple of fun and somewhat silly virtual birthday party ideas, then we’ve got you covered! 

Exciting Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

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Host Your Own Quiz/Game Show

Now is the time to showcase your talents by throwing the virtual quiz to rival all other virtual quizzes that have ever been created…ever! If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us is that there’s not a lot that can beat a weekly quiz with your physically distant friends and family. But if you’re not totally quizzed-out, putting a spin on it and creating a game show for your guests sounds like a brilliant plan!

Bonus points will be awarded to those who decide to make the entire game show birthday-person oriented (for example, “what is _’s favourite dessert?” or “what is _’s natural hair colour?”), as well as bonus points being awarded to those with the weirdest and wackiest questions. Please note: these bonus points are only figurative, and gifted from us here at Milton Hill House. They will in no way be accepted as legitimate bonus points within the quiz: you have been warned. 

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Be A Little Spooky With A Virtual Tarot Card Reading

Whether you and your party-goers are particularly interested in signs and spirits, or whether some of you are as sceptical as they come, a remote tarot card reading might be just the ticket to get the party started. Using trusted UK-based sites like Tarot Readings Online means you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you pay for, as well as making memories with your nearest and dearest. We don’t know about you, but we see a super fun party in your future…

However, if you’re throwing an online birthday party for somewhat of a younger audience, don’t panic! We’ve also got a couple of tricks up our sleeve for those under 18s who might be struggling with the whole ‘lockdown’ thing. So sit back, put your feet up, and get ready to make notes: here are our virtual birthday party ideas for kids!

Interesting Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Children

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Throw A Games Night

Back in the olden days of 2019, to have a night of fun and frolics playing board games involved having all of your friends in the same room together, and sitting a lot closer to each other than two metres. But nowadays, you don’t even have to be in the same house to be able to play games with one another! 

With the invention of Jackbox, you can play games with your friends from near or far. For children, there are plenty of games to choose from such as Fibbage and Drawful which are guaranteed to make your party guests laugh like mad! The great thing about Jackbox is that the majority of these games come with a built-in adults-only option, meaning that if you want to pinch this idea for your grown-up party, that’s completely doable. 

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Host A Virtual Sleepover

A virtual sleepover can actually be just like a physical sleepover: in fact, it can often be even better! A slumber party typically ends in drama and tears, but with the help of Zoom, a lot of that stuff can be avoided.

Simply set up your laptop, tablet, or any other device with a working camera system ready for video chatting and video calls, and let the night turn into day quicker than you can yell “Hey! Turn the music down, it’s 3 AM already!”. But on a serious note, by using interesting plugins like Netflix Party, you’re able to watch anything you want to, together.

Let’s just say, for arguments’ sake, it’s not your birthday. Shock! Horror! Instead, you’ve been invited to attend a virtual birthday party in the near future. Lucky you!

However, you’re not entirely sure what to get the special birthday person in question, and you want to be a little bit ‘out-of-the-box’. Have no fear, we’re here to help! Here are a couple of ideas to help you choose the perfect virtual birthday party present: 

Unique Virtual Birthday Present Ideas

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Put Together A Birthday Video Montage

Create a compilation of the birthday-persons’ loved ones wishing them well on their big day to guarantee an even bigger surprise! What’s fantastic about this plan is that not only does it take time, planning, and effort, but it also allows for those who can’t attend the virtual birthday party to still say and sing “happy birthday” and wish them the best.

A video montage for the guest of honor will certainly go down a storm, as it can be kept forever and ever. Not to mention it’s incredibly cost-effective, too!

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Order A Dessert

Who doesn’t love a dessert, whether it’s their birthday or not? Treat your friend or family member with their favourite sweet treat or personalised birthday cake from a local bakery or patisserie. Not only does your special birthday person get a thoughtful gift covered in chocolate, sugar and icing, but you get to help out local businesses who really need it during the pandemic. It’s very much a win-win kind of present!

The Best Virtual Birthday Party Ideas Of 2021 Conclusion

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Just because you can’t go out and celebrate your birthday with all of your friends in person, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday in style! And besides, with virtual birthday party ideas like these, why would you even think about leaving the house? Just to recap, here are our top online birthday party ideas for both adults and children:

  1. Host Your Own Quiz/Game Show
  2. Have A Virtual Tarot Card Reading
  3. Throw A Games Night
  4. Host A Virtual Sleepover

If you’re thinking of throwing a birthday celebration, our venue is based in Oxford and is suitable for hosting a large number of party guests. It is a stunning venue that is guaranteed to be the perfect setting for your special day. 


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