5 Hen Party Ice Breaker Games and Suggestions

The lead up to any wedding is so exciting and hen party ice breaker games are a great start to the celebrations. It’s a chance for the bride to dress up in fancy dress, possibly a wedding dress! and get their nearest and dearest together for an unforgettable day or night. With any gathering, there will be guests there who don’t know each other.

This is particularly true of a hen party where there will be a range of people attending, be that the brides family, co-workers and school friends. This is why it’s important to get new guests mingling at the beginning of the event. We’ve come up with some of our favourite hen party ice breaker games to play which acquaint the party-goers and ensure everyone has the best time.

Top 5 Hen Party Game Ideas

A lot of brides are veering away from the traditional party in favour of something more unique. Crafty hen do’s are ever-popular, where the guests can learn to make gorgeous fascinators, hens to write scrapbooks and create beautiful flower arrangements. Some brides opt for a spa trip for their hen weekend or a scavenger hunt or murder mystery evening instead, but you can still incorporate these ice breaker games into the event.

Why not have some time to mingle at home before heading off to enjoy the hen do? Whether you’re organising a celebration for a friend to give them a break or have taken charge of your own hen do, these hen do games to break the ice are easy to prepare and promise plenty of laughs. Our hen party games are totally adaptable so if you are a groom making plans for a stag do, why not tailor our games to you and give them a go?

Hen Party Ice Breaker Games

1. Prosecco Pong

Enjoying a glass of prosecco at a classy hen party is a given, so why not make it interesting. We’ve all seen or at least heard of the classic hen party drinking games of beer pong, so why not make it classy with some bubbly. Get your table and cover it with a cloth, and set up 6 cups at either end.

Fill each one with equal amounts of prosecco and grab some light ping pong balls. Split the hens into teams, and each person takes a turn to throw a ball into the cup.

If it lands, a member of the opposing team must finish the drink! If the guest refuses, prepare some forfeit dares which they must complete. This game is always a laugh, and if you’re staying tea total, simply use juice or soft drink of your choice.

2. Treasure Hunt

This hens day party game idea never gets old and is the perfect hen party ice breaker for a celebration at home. Gather together some little treats such as face masks, nail varnish and mini bottles of wine and hide them around the house. Then create some clues/questions for the guests to help them find the treasure.

To make it extra special, why not have cards specific to the bride, e.g. “This treat is hidden behind the first piece of furniture the bride and groom got together.” This will be a great test to see who knows the bride the best and is an excuse to win some cute prizes. Be sure to check out Pinterest for loads of great hen party ideas on keepsakes and ways to DIY them.

Hen Party Ice Breaker Games

3. Guess Who

This hilarious hens party game is guaranteed to get your guests laughing! If many of your guests don’t know each other, the guess who game is the perfect hen party ice breaker game. Before the celebration, ask everyone to send over a few photos of them as young children, the funnier and more crazy the hair and outfits are, the better. Stick these throw-back photos around the room.

When everyone arrives, give them pieces of paper and ask them to match up the photos with the people in the room. Old photos always get people reminiscing and laughing over embarrassing stories so it’s the perfect ice breaker game to begin the celebration.

4. This or That

Now it’s time to test the guest’s knowledge of the bride! Prepare a list with different choices such as a night in or a night out, and the player must answer the question with the one they think the bride would go for. Count up the scores at the end and see who knows the bride the best!

Here are some of our examples:

  • Skiing or a sunny beach
  • Vacation or staycation
  • Spa or sports
  • Dine out or takeaway at home
  • Big party or small gathering
  • Chinese food or fish and chips
  • Sunday walk or Sunday drive
  • Computer or pen and paper
  • Dress or jeans
  • New outfit or charity shop
  • Truth or dare

You can get really creative with this hen party ice breaker game to see who knows the most elaborate details about the bride. If you are throwing a hen do for a sister or best friend, have the bride fill the sheet out at the same time as the guests and then compare the answers, that way, everyone can join in. If you want to make it into a hen party drinking game, ask each guest to take a shot/sip of drink for every wrong answer.

Hen Party Ice Breaker Games

5. Potluck Dinner

Are you looking for a hen party game at home? Then this is perfect and low budget! If you are in the midst of wedding planning, chances are you won’t want to cook a large meal for a big group of people. Instead, why not ask guests to bring their favourite food and everyone can enjoy a potluck dinner. It’s up to them whether they want it to be homemade or ordered from a restaurant, but it means that everyone can have a buffet of delicious food.

Another hen party ice breaker idea we love is cocktail creation. Ask each guest to bring ingredients for a cool cocktail, and then they must teach the other guests how to make it. This is so much fun and gets guests chatting and laughing. For a non-drinking event, there are loads of delicious mocktail recipes such as this Frozen Rainbow Unicorn which looks and tastes amazing.

Top 5 Hen Party Ice Breaker Games

  1. Prosecco Pong
  2. Treasure Hunt
  3. Guess Who
  4. This or that
  5. Potluck Dinner

Hen Party Ice Breaker Games Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog on hen do ice breaker games. Which one was your favourite? Your hen party is a really special celebration in the lead up to your wedding which you’ll remember forever. 

Why not prepare something for your guests to take home with them? We love these personalised hen party robes which are ideal for a spa day and gives guests a cute keepsake.

If you want something DIY, we love the idea of “post-party bags” for the next day, with little sachets of coffee/hot chocolate, plasters for sore feet and little nail varnishes or lipsticks. Personalised shot glasses are inexpensive and a fab reminder of your celebration. You don’t have to break the bank but little keepsakes are always appreciated.

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