Honeymoon at Home Ideas and Suggestions

Your honeymoon is a really special event. The first time you’ll be creating memories together as a married couple and a chance to relax after the intensity of wedding planning.  If you have had to postpone your honeymoon plans, don’t worry, you can still enjoy an amazing honeymoon at home. We’ve put together a blog of some of our favourite staycation honeymoon ideas, to give yourself and your partner an amazing bonding experience that you’ll always remember.

Don’t forget, this situation won’t last forever, so if you had your heart set on a particular destination, whether that be skiing in the alps or lying on a hot beach in Spain, you can still enjoy your honeymoon holiday in the future. Make use of the extra time at home by planning your future vacation when we are able to travel again. You might even be currently saving money as we cannot go out, which you could use for your future honeymoon fund.

honeymoon at home ideas

Honeymoon ideas at home

During your stay at home honeymoon adventure, treat it as though you were actually on holiday. Book the time off work if you hadn’t already, turn off business email notifications and let your friends and family know you are on a “honeymoon” so won’t be in contact. We would recommend keeping news intake and social media to a minimum, and instead, relaxing and focusing on each other. It can be hard to switch off, but you both deserve some time away from everything to unwind.

So consider deleting the Instagram app and turning off any automatic news or information notifications. You could even have a day “unplugged,” where you turn off phones and laptops for a break from the outside world. Treat each other to some gifts throughout your staycation to make it extra special.


Camping is a chance to get close to the natural world, go back to basics and enjoy some peaceful quality time with your loved one, who needs hotels? If you both love the outdoors, why not create a camping holiday in your back garden? Set up your tent, grab some fairy lights and lanterns from Amazon, and get ready for a rustic night hidden under the stars. During the day, enjoy a lavish picnic or BBQ with plenty of prosecco and grab some marshmallows or s’mores to toast for afters. Take a portable speaker and make a special playlist of all your favourite tunes. The best part about camping in the garden is that if you’ve forgotten something, it’s never far to go and grab it!

honeymoon at home ideas

Bring your honeymoon to you

If you’re feeling creative with celebrating tying the knot, why not bring your holiday destination into your home? If you were on a getaway to Spain, make the most of the gorgeous summer weather and create a beach resort in your back garden. Get a paddling pool, a cocktail set, some books to read and some loungers, and enjoy a day in the sun with your partner. As the evening arrives, turn your kitchen or dining room into a Spanish tapas restaurant by dimming the lights, setting up some candles and serving some of your favourite holiday dishes at home. Treat yourself to some new sheets and upgrade the decor in the bedroom so after your meal you can retire to your very own personal hotel suite.

Spa day

Everyone loves a day of pampering so why not reserve a day for you and your partner to relax and treat yourselves. Clean the bathroom or your own private hot tub, if you have one! And set the mood with some delicious smelling candles. If you don’t have white robes and slippers, order some online for an authentic, luxury experience. Pop some champagne and enjoy beauty treatments with your other halves such as face masks, massages and foot scrubs. Once you’re pampered from head to toe, follow the relaxed mood by moving the candles into the living room and chilling under a blanket in front of your favourite film, you could even go the extra mile and treat it like a bed and breakfast!

honeymoon at home ideas

Honeymoon at home ideas

Why not mix and match some of our ideas to create a special week off for you and your partner, with a spa day if the weather isn’t so great, and a “beach day” when the sun is shining. If you are looking for free inspiration for decorations or DIY treats for your staycation, be sure to search the Pinterest site and maybe even share some of your ideas! If you want some activities to enjoy during your honeymoon at home, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite things to do.

  • Learn together

If you and your partner love learning together, why not set a day aside to explore a new skill. Try and think of something which you’ve both mentioned but haven’t had the time to do. It could be anything from an online cooking class, learning a new language or even an instrument. Mastering new info together is a great bonding experience as you can both help each other learn. Don’t forget to document your journey with videos, or even a disposable camera for authentic pictures. Why not create postcards with these snaps which you can post to loved ones during your staycation.

  • Game night

Schedule a night for playing some games just the two of you. If you love board games,  dust off some old favourites like Jenga and Guess who for a retro throwback and there are so many things you can do with card packs. If you want to try something new, have a look online at some of the best board games for couples. The app store has loads of trivia games which are always fun, or if you have a console spend an evening playing your favourite co-op game such as Overcooked.

honeymoon at home ideas

  • Pot-luck

A holiday is never complete without some delicious food. Have yourself and your partner choose each others favourite foods and try to create each one. For example, if your partner loves cuisine from Mexico, grab some locally sourced ingredients and make an amazing menu of chilli, nachos, Mexican elotes and margaritas whilst your other half creates your favourite food. Then you can enjoy a potluck dinner of different cuisines! If you don’t feel like cooking, both order from your favourite local restaurants and mix and match the dishes.

Honeymoon at home conclusion

So there you have it, some of our favourite things to enjoy at home as a couple. You can find some light by having an incredible honeymoon at home with your partner and celebrating the love you share. 

Honeymoons at home are also a great idea if you are looking to keep the celebration of your big day to a minimum whilst you save up to go all out, catching a plane somewhere with your partner, whether it be your favourite island or would like to go travelling, there are many ways you can make sure your mini moon in the UK is unforgettable if you are trying to stay within a budget.  

We hope you have enjoyed today’s blog, are you having a honeymoon at home? Have you tried our ideas or have you got some original ones to share? Let us know!

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