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How have wedding dresses changed over time

There are some types of dresses which will always be popular, and each bride has a preference when choosing her own. However, the style of wedding dresses has changed and evolved over time. The differ...


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Wedding traditions explained

There are many things people expect to see at weddings. The majority of traditions are second nature, and no one questions the origin. The truth is there are many traditions which have an interesting ...


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How to plan the perfect catering for your wedding day

There are many elements to the perfect wedding day but, other than the clothes and the ceremony, the food is one of the most memorable experiences for many guests, so you’ve got to get it right. Her...


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6 ways to keep your wedding on budget

It’s no secret that weddings can leave a large hole in your bank account. The dress alone sets some people back thousands, and that’s without all the extra trimmings. Weddings are worth investing ...


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5 ways to make the most of a meeting

Let’s face it, meetings and conferences aren’t going to be the most fun and exciting thing you ever do in your life. It’s not up there with sky diving and jet skiing, but it’s an important par...


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How to create your wedding day timeline

How long does it take 120 people to file into a room? Do 60 people eat dinner quicker than 100 but slower than 30? When you’re trying to plan your wedding day, you’ll find yourself wondering this ...


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