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The wedding anniversary gifts and their meaning

Marriage incorporates many traditions. The traditions start before the wedding, during and after. One of the main wedding traditions is the gifts you give your partner for anniversaries. These go way back and are a great way to show your eternal love. But what do they actually mean?

1st Year – Paper

This represents a clean sheet and a fresh start for you and your new partner. It’s also suggestive of how fragile paper is and that you must be careful and work on marriage to make it last.

2nd Year – Cotton

This is symbolic of the two partners being intertwined together. It also shows that a couple must be flexible to work.

3rd Year – Leather

As the 3-year anniversary approaches, it shows the couple have been together for a significant period of time. Leather is representative of a strong bond and that you should feel safe with your partner.

4th Year – Fruit & Flowers

Fruit and flowers both need nurturing in order to be the best they can be. These two things are associated with sweetness, being symbolic of living a sweet life together.

5th Year – Wood

The wood represents your now sturdy marriage. Harvested from a tree, one of natures strongest and most beautiful creations. This is symbolic of the couple growing and standing the test of time.

6th Year – Iron

As the 6th year dawns, iron represents the strength of the relationship for lasting so long. However, there’s also the suggestion that the couple can become stronger in the coming years.

7th Year – Copper

Because copper produces and conducts heat, its associated with the warmth your partner gives you. This, in turn, represents the security you feel within a marriage and how safe your partner makes you feel.

8th Year – Bronze

Bronze is made from a combination of copper and tin just like, you guessed it, a relationship is made from two people who are connected. The increasing strength of the materials is symbolic to the increasing strength of the marriage.

9th Year – Pottery

It’s not just Ghost that makes pottery romantic. A representation of time and effort being spent to mould something beautiful.

10th Year – Aluminium

10 years, a major milestone in any marriage. Aluminium is symbolic of the strength and flexibility needed to keep a relationship strong for this long.

11th Year – Steel

Steel is one of the strongest metals on the planet, so it’s no wonder it’s the traditional wedding gift for the 11th year of marriage.

12th Year – Home Decor

Always a nice gift. The act of making the home you share together even more special.

13th Year – Lace

A representation of the elegance and beauty in your relationship. You’ve both worked hard with a delicate balance to create this relationship.

14th Year – Ivory

Traditionally ivory is a symbol of purity and innocence. Of course, in the modern world ivory isn’t an ideal gift, but something white or elephant themed will do the trick.

15th Year – Crystal

Another massive milestone in the marriage. Crystal is a special and more expensive gift. It represents the clarity the two of you share in a relationship and how you can help each other see more clearly.

20th Year – China

China is an undeniably fragile material. This is symbolic of the fragile nature of relationships and a representation of how long you and your partner have been able to keep the love going.

25th Year – Silver

A far more valuable metal than we’ve had so far. Silver suggests how valuable your marriage has been and that your love can’t be tarnished.

30th Year – Pearl

It takes a long time for a pearl to be created. Just like the time it has taken to create a bond so strong. Pearls are beautiful and precious, the perfect 30th-anniversary gift.

35th Year – Coral

In some older cultures, it is believed coral has healing and protection properties. Not only does it shield the marriage from harm but is a representation of the security and safety you feel within a partnership.

40th Year – Ruby

One of the big ones. Rubies are precious stones which are blood red. The red is a representation of the power and romance that goes along with 4 decades of marriage.

45th Year – Sapphire

The royal stone. 45 years together and still as strong as ever. An equally luxurious stone for such a special occasion.

50th Year – Gold

It goes without saying that gold is an extremely precious substance. After 50 years together, you and your partner can enjoy the wealth of your relationship.

55th Year – Emerald

Emeralds are known in legend to be connected to relationships and even change colour if someone’s being unfaithful. Therefore, they are the ideal gift for the precious 55th year of marriage,

60th Year – Diamond

This tradition comes from Queen Victoria celebrating her diamond jubilee on her 60th wedding anniversary and since then, the ideas stuck.

70th Year – Platinum

Platinum is the best of the best. 70 years is a whole lifetime for some people and you, and your partner has spent it together. This is a truly special anniversary,

75th Year – Diamond

Back to the diamond for the 75th anniversary. Diamonds are made under pressure. Just like a good relationship which has been tested but still remains to be strong. This is the epitome of a wedding gift and the most valuable one you can give.

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