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How to be the best wedding guest

Being a guest at a wedding is always exciting. Delicious food, great music, and a couple uniting. Although you will enjoy yourself, it’s important to be aware of the couple and their needs. We’ve put together a guide to be the best guest you can be.


Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about late-replying guests. As soon as you know whether you can attend, let them know. This will be massively appreciated in the long run of trying to organise everything.

Be on time

It goes without saying but always ensure you arrive at the wedding venue on time. The couple doesn’t want to be waiting around or worrying about turnout on the big day. Arrive punctually to each stage of the day and your couple will thank you for it.

Dress Appropriately

One of the biggest potential social blunders at a wedding is wearing white. Although your bride may not be bothered by their guest’s wardrobe, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s the bride’s special day so being conscious of your wardrobe is worth it to ensure they have the best experience.

Give other guests a chance

Once you get chatting to the bride or groom, it may be tempting to talk all night. Remember that there are other guests they need to speak to so don’t keep them for too long.

Stay positive

Even if there are parts of the wedding you don’t necessarily agree with, don’t speak negatively on them, even privately. This is the couple’s special day and they deserve positivity. Even if you aren’t feeling it, keep a smile on your face and try and enjoy yourself.

Use the registry

Having a pile of gifts that you don’t need after the wedding is never ideal. If the couple has created a registry, use it. If not, consider speaking to them about a good gift. A lot of couples often would just like money for the honeymoon or the house so that would be an easy one. Always ensure you’re getting them something useful.

Avoid social media

In a world where everyone is constantly updating Instagram, it can be easy to forget that your couple is going to want to post first. Feel free to take photos where appropriate, but make sure you wait to post them. Definitely don’t put anything up before the couple.


Even if you’re feeling shy and don’t know many guests, always mingle. It will really make the couple’s day if they can see friends and family coming together and enjoying themselves.

Silence your phone

As soon as you arrive at the wedding, silence your phone. The last thing the couple needs is for a ringtone to sound during their special moment. Also, try and avoid being glued to your screen. Look up, talk to people and enjoy the day.

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