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How to have a stress-free wedding

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful. With so much going on and people to entertain, it can feel overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be taxing. Planning a wedding should be fun and exciting. We’ve put together some advice on keeping your wedding as stress-free as possible. To take even more stress out of a wedding, take a look at our wedding packages here.


Make sure you plan every step of the way. Have an itinerary of what’s been done and what you still need to complete. Having a visual representation can be really helpful. Get a wedding planning book and then everything you do will be in one place. It will also serve as a great memory book after the wedding.

Make a clear budget

Make a clear budget and stick to it. Only get what you and your partner can afford. There’s no point breaking the bank for one day. Weddings aren’t all about the money and spending what you don’t have is guaranteed to make you stressed.

Enrol friends and family

Those closest to you are likely to be thrilled about your big day. Take advantage of this and ask them to help out. Having a low-key day is probably the best way to minimise stress. You can also save money if your friends and family are willing to help with catering and flowers. Taking the time to speak about how you feel is a great idea. Just voicing your worries and stresses can reduce them.

Let go

It’s easier said than done but try not to get caught up with everything. Take a breather and step away from this situation. The wedding itself is just a guise for the connection between you and your partner. Remember the true meaning of the day and understand everything doesn’t have to be perfect. If you always keep this in mind, it should help keep things in perspective.

Don’t go overboard

If you aim for something more low-key, the results and outcome will be easier to achieve. You can still have a fairy-tale wedding without going overboard. If there are a few things which you’ve always envisioned having, such as a horse and carriage, sort these out first. If there are aspects which you and your partner aren’t that bothered on, allow these to stay simple.

Be willing to accept advice

Whether this is from the professionals you’ve hired or friends and family who’ve planned weddings, but it’s important to accept advice. Professionals will have experienced many weddings and know what works. Your friends and family know you and can recommend things based on your taste. You don’t have to plan in the dark, you always have help.

Remember who’s wedding it is

At the end of it, all remember whose big day it is. Don’t allow the opinions of others to get in the way. Keep your day exactly how you and your partner want it and you can’t go wrong.

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