How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding

How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding

It’s time to plan your last minute wedding! Some people take months, maybe even years to plan their perfect wedding. From the flowers to the dresses, all the way to the figurines on top of the cake: there’s no disguising it, there’s a lot to do! 

But the wait is sometimes too long for some couples, and as soon as that sparkly ring lands on one very important finger, there’s almost no point in prolonging the inevitable.  Sometimes planning a last minute wedding is the only option!

Planning a last-minute wedding in such a short time will be undeniably tricky, with an awful lot of hard work, and even more painstaking effort. Especially if you’ve got a tight budget with lots of important tasks to tick off your list as well as lots of stunning last minute wedding venues to look at, and decisions regarding wedding breakfasts, wedding dates, and last minute wedding offers to consider. But it can be done in time for your special day!

If you follow our top tips for planning a last minute wedding on a very tight time schedule, you’ll be living your dream wedding goals in no time. There’s no time to waste.

How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding

Tips for Planning a Last Minute Wedding No.1: Lists. Are. Essential.

Prepare for the Notes app on your phone to become your (temporary!) new best friend. Or if you like to kick it old school, invest in some funky pens and a sturdy notebook because you’re about to jot as if your life depended on it! Who said planning a last-minute wedding can’t be fun and stress-free?

Establishing what’s essential and what isn’t early on in the planning process is an excellent start to understanding how your last minute wedding day is going to pan out. For better or for worse, making note of every aspect of your big day is going to be a life-saver later on down the line.

If apps are less your style, and you’d rather rely on a good old-fashioned notebook, a large variety of wedding planners are available to buy online such as these lovely ones from Etsy. You’ll have a plethora of wedding ceremony and reception-related choices to make, but at least you’ll be making them in style.

How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding

Planning a Last Minute Wedding No. 2: Organise, Organise… and Organise Again!

If you feel like you’ve planned enough, rest assured in the knowledge that you probably haven’t. There’s no harm in checking, double-checking, and then your lists. When you’re overwhelmed, you’ll be amazed at just how much you miss, especially with regard to the things closest to you.

Making sure that you, your partner, and the people you’re closest to know what’s going on is a guaranteed way to save you both time and potential heartache. Late availability weddings are difficult to plan, but by ensuring you’re organised, you’re making sure that everything has the best opportunity to succeed.

How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding

Planning a Last Minute Wedding No. 3: Let Your Guests Know ASAP.

It’s time for some no-nonsense name-calling. And by name-calling, we mean calling your last minute wedding guest list and telling them where to be and when.

These are the people that have to be at your wedding, no ifs, ands, or buts.  For all of those indecisive brides and grooms who struggle to make a choice: now is your time to do so. Now, the sooner you let them know the details, the greater the chance of your friends and family members being able to make an appearance at such short notice. So time truly is of the essence!

How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding

Planning a Last Minute Wedding No. 4: Go a Little Crazy…

You have managed to plan a wedding; that’s a big deal. People who have been planning their wedding for months freak out all the time. If there’s anyone who deserves to have their fair share of freakouts; it’s you.

But not too crazy, okay?  We don’t want any spontaneously cancelled weddings or wedding receptions on our watch!

On a serious note: going a little crazy has to be on the cards, at least once in the run-up to your wedding day. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, nervous, stressed, or all of the above, the Calm app is a fantastic way to wind yourself down. There are also plenty of online resources which you can use, on websites like Pinterest there are lots and lots of examples on how to deal with pre-nuptial tension.

How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding

Planning a Last Minute Wedding No. 5: Remember Who’s Wedding Day It Is. 

At the end of the day, you’ve got to put yourself first, no matter how difficult that might be.

Everybody and their mother is going to want their opinion heard and acted upon. The thing is: it isn’t everybody and their mother’s wedding day. It’s yours. And as long as you and your spouse-to-be are over the moon, then nothing else matters.

lanning a wedding comes with a lot of pressure, and planning one in a very limited amount of time only multiplies that pressure. So, do not try and please everyone. You’re the only person whose opinion counts for anything on your big day!

Planning a Last Minute Wedding No. 6: Choose the Right Venue

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How To Plan A Last Minute Wedding Conclusion

One day, in many years, you’ll look back at your wedding photos. And when you do, you won’t be thinking about how stressed or tired you were trying to plan your wedding in a handful of days. You’ll be thinking about how happy you were on your big day, and that you were surrounded by the people you love. 

But if you want to be completely certain that your last minute wedding day has the best chances of success, here’s a recap of our top 5 tips on how to plan a last minute wedding:

Planning a Last-Minute Wedding, Checklist 

  1. Create a List
  2. Keep Organised
  3. Invite your Guests
  4. Secure the Perfect Last Minute Venue
  5. Enjoy your Special Day!
  6. Choose the Right Venue

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