Unique and Unusual Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

17 Unique and Unusual Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Unusual wedding gifts can be a bit of a minefield – if the happy couple doesn’t have a registry or aren’t asking for money for their honeymoon – it can be difficult to know what to get them for such a speical occasion. You don’t want to end up with a boring gift or with something that they already have.

In terms of how much you spend on a wedding gift, it is normal to spend approximately what your meal costs but you are free to spend what you want of course. Here are some of our great gifts yet unusual gifts ideas to give the bride and groom.


17 Ideas for Unusual Wedding Gifts

Choosing unusual wedding gifts for the bride and groom can bring an extra layer of excitement and joy to their special day. Traditional gifts are lovely, but unique and unexpected presents can leave a lasting impression, reflecting your thoughtfulness and creativity. 

Unusual wedding gifts stand out in the sea of customary offerings, making the bride and groom feel cherished and remembered. They not only add a touch of originality to the occasion but also spark conversations and create memorable moments. So, whether it’s a personalised piece of art, an adventure-filled experience, or something quirky that resonates with the couple’s personality, unique wedding gifts are a delightful way to celebrate their love and start their journey together with something truly special.

  1. Food Samples
  2. Wedding Hamper
  3. Personalised Decanters
  4. Funky Wine Glasses
  5. Memorable Mugs
  6. Name a Star
  7. Amazon Echo
  8. Honeymoon Luggage
  9. Beekeeping and Beer Experience
  10. Walk with Alpacas
  11. Meerkat Encounter
  12. Blacksmith Experience Day
  13. Make Two Hand Forged Wedding Rings
  14. Experience Collection Gift Voucher
  15. Wedding Books
  16. Door Mat
  17. Bath Robes
unusual wedding gifts for bride and groom

Unusual Food & Drink Wedding Gifts

Unusual Food Gifts 

If the happy couple is going straight on their honeymoon after tying the knot, you’ll need to avoid perishables but if you know that they will have a chance to pop food away in their cupboard or freezer, luxury food items like chocolates or pastries are an amazing gift idea for the bride and groom (even nicer if they can take them on the honeymoon).

Food samples make a great unusual gift for a wedding to give the bride and groom which always go down well and allow the happy couple to experience a few tasty treats. Getting a personalised wedding gift, such as a wedding hamper for the bride and groom, makes for a heartwarming gift that they’re bound to cherish. If the gift hamper is filled to the brim with hand-picked items, this will remind the bride and groom that your present has been carefully thought out, and you’re on to a winner!

Unusual Drink Gifts 

For a couple who loves a drink – be that tea or alcoholic – there are many unusual wedding gifts for you to choose from, including personalised decanters, funky wine glasses, bars and memorable mugs.


If she’s the boss, make sure everyone knows with these I Do mugs (although they will work either way around). You can even get matching coasters! For a cute touch, how about some Kissing Mugs?


Give the new Mr. and Mrs. a gorgeous gift set of champagne flutes like these flutes with a stand or Interlocking Flutes from Confetti. For a more unusual gift for a wedding, try these Modena Sculpted Wine Glasses. The happy couple would love this gift as they would also go fantastically inside a personalised wedding hamper or gift box, perhaps with a bottle of their favourite tipple to share after the wedding.

unusual wedding gifts for bride and groom

Unusual Technology-Based Wedding Gifts

Give Them The Stars As A Wedding Gift

When the happy couple gets bored of staring into each others’ eyes, they can gaze at the stars from the comfort of their own living room with a home planetarium that projects space into your home.

For a little extra romance, you can even turn on the shooting star function and make a wish. You can guarantee that this idea for an unusual wedding gift will be used time and time again, on date nights and wedding anniversaries. It really is the gift that keeps on giving; it even doubles up as an anniversary gift!

Reduce Marital Disputes with this Unique Wedding Gift

Settle any arguments with a little help from Alexa in the form of the Echo to keep the marital peace. This should keep the marital bliss lasting long after the wedding season.

Honeymoon Gifts for After the Big Day

Keep your bride and groom connected on their honeymoon with luggage that can charge their phones like this unusual yet practical suitcase.

unusual wedding gifts for bride and groom

Unusual Experience Day Wedding Gifts

Get Out In Nature

Help the newlyweds get out in nature with some bees and beer on a Rural Beekeeping and Beer Tasting for Two.

Give them the opportunity to make some new unusual friends on a Walk with Alpacas. These friendly animals are ready to keep the happy couple smiling. Also ready to meet them, are some charming meerkats!

Forge Ahead With Building Memories

Building shared experiences is the perfect unusual wedding gift idea for married couples and you don’t have to go with just the normal experiences – for a truly unique gift, send your loved ones off to the blacksmiths for a day at Oldfield Forge. Getting creative together is a fantastic idea for a honeymoon wedding gift.

As long as you’re happy for the bride and groom to have your gift before the wedding, send them to forge their own wedding rings. A fun unusual wedding gift idea that you know they will be using what they make together!

Let Them Decide

The Happily Ever After box from Tinggly offers lots of choices of experiences and with such variety, your newlyweds are sure to find something they like.

unusual wedding gifts for bride and groom

Unusual Keepsake Wedding Gifts

Wedding Present Books

With this unusual wedding gift for the bride and groom, encourage your loved ones to remember the highlights of their lives together with a One Line A Day book, where they can add a small thought each day and revisit treasured memories.

Marriage, An Owner’s Manual makes a great meaningful wedding gift for those who enjoy a laugh and will be a fun little book for them to read from time to time. There’s also a Haynes Manual that can be consulted for additional issues.

Household Items as Wedding Gifts

Make their threshold truly personalised with a new doormat from Etsy for their household gift or as the perfect wedding gift for a new home. You can use nicknames if you’d prefer, as long as they wouldn’t mind the postman seeing them!

Or if you think that the couple are likely to spend some time lounging around, get them matching, comfy Bath Robes to snuggle in, these make great unusual wedding gifts.

For all the little bits they receive, they can store them in this fabulous and chic Keepsake Library.

Help Them Plan Their Next Trip with this Wedding Gift

Are the newlyweds planning to spend a lot of their time travelling? A Scratch Map will help them chronicle their adventures, as well as it being a nice piece of wall art.

Different and Unusual Wedding Gifts – The Wedding as a Gift

If there’s nothing that your couple needs and you still really want to get them something, you could always offer to pay for something or offer something you already own, like your veil or tiara, or perhaps offer to pay for the flowers or contribute towards a photographer. All these things will make their wedding day that little bit better.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our awesome and unusual wedding gifts for couples, and we wish you luck in finding the perfect unique wedding gift idea for their big day. If the happy couple is still looking for a wedding reception venue in Oxfordshire for their extra special day, tell them to contact our wedding team to find out how we can make their dreams come true!

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