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What to Look for In a Corporate Retreat Venue


Corporate retreats are the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your company’s goals and values whilst providing your employees with an effective team building experience. Corporate retreats improve the communication skills within a team, creating better working relationships, leading to a positive working environment. 

Organising a corporate retreat for your business is a worthwhile experience that allows you to invest in your employees whilst improving management skills. It is so important to choose a corporate retreat venue that has to offer all the necessary facilities you need in order to reap the benefits of a corporate retreat.

What is a Corporate Retreat?

A corporate retreat is an event that can last up to a week that encourages employees to bond with each other in a new and relaxing environment, improving communication and productivity levels. 

Corporate events can include offsite meetings, team building exercises, an awards dinner or an annual general meeting. The purpose of a team retreat is to bring employees together for a particular objective whilst encouraging your team members to create better working relationships in and out of the office environment. 

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Retreat?

You may be thinking, what are the benefits of a retreat? A corporate retreat offers the opportunity for you to create a pleasant working environment for your employees whilst encouraging them to grow and develop within the business. Corporate retreats are a fantastic incentive for employees to attract, engage, and retain talent.

5 Benefits of Organising a Corporate Retreat 

1. Improved Relationships 

Before you go to book your corporate retreat venue, take the time to establish your goals. If you are looking to generate improved long term results for your business, then it is worth considering a corporate retreat venue that offers activities that help to enhance new and improved relationships within your team. 

Corporate retreat venus such as Milton Hill House offer team building activities and facilities to help improve your team’s collaboration skills in a new environment. Good relationships help individuals to develop a productive mindset, encouraging self-confidence, and leading to a positive working environment. 

2. Improved Communication Skills 

Team communication is an important skill that will remain with your team after the retreat has finished. Corporate retreats are an opportunity for your team to work together facing different challenges and activities that require effective communication. 

Business communication is an essential part of the day to day efficiency that helps your team to achieve goals as a collective. Once your team have established their own roles and are able to communicate well, objectives are clearer and company processes are improved. 

3. Encourages Fresh Ideas

Hosting your team’s corporate retreat in a professional event venue such as Milton Hill House which is fully equipped with the latest technology, will encourage your team to focus on the event objective and inspire them to think outside the box. Corporate retreat venues offer an opportunity for individuals to brainstorm new ideas keeping the team motivated whilst enjoying a change of scenery. 

4. Reduce Employee Turnover

Meeting and training retreats are an opportunity for you to invest in your employees and to provide them with development and growth prospects within the business. 

Corporate retreats are an opportunity for you to highlight the talent within your team and reward them for their hard work.

Taking the time to express your appreciation towards your employees by hosting an awards dinner or through team building activities radiates positivity throughout the workplace, leading to a positive working environment and reducing employee turnover.

5. Training Opportunities 

Corporate retreat venues such as Milton Hill House offer more than a training facility to ensure employees are developing all the right skills. Training your employees at a corporate retreat venue such as Milton Hill House offers modern facilities and amenities such as a board room and meeting room hire packages to help you to achieve the most out of your event and help your employees to remain focused and productive. 

What to Look for From a Corporate Retreat Venue 

Corporate retreats should provide a fun, rewarding and knowledgeable experience, which is why, when you are searching for the ideal corporate retreat venue it is important to make sure it offers more than your day to day office. 

Before you search for a corporate retreat venue, you should first establish what you are looking to achieve. Taking the time to outline your company’s goals and take into account your budget and the facilities you are searching for, this will ensure that your event is a success.

A corporate retreat venue should be a professional environment that allows your employees to remain focused and brainstorm fresh ideas. The venue should also be a place that offers a sense of fun and enjoyment for your employees, by offering a space for team building, socialising, private dinners, events and group accommodation. 

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Retreat?

  1. Improved Relationships
  2. Improved Communication Skills
  3. Encourages Fresh Ideas
  4. Reduces Employee Turnover
  5. Training Opportunities 

Corporate Retreat Venue in Oxfordshire 

If you are looking for somewhere to host your corporate retreat then discover Milton Hill House in Oxfordshire. Surrounded by the Oxfordshire countryside, just 13 miles from Oxford, we are in the ideal location for your corporate event. 

At Milton Hill House, we offer the perfect location for your team to leave the city and connect with each other creating fresh ideas in a new environment. At our corporate retreat venue in Oxfordshire, we offer the perfect balance of fun and work by offering a range of engaging and educational activities for all your team. 

Recognising the risks posed to the planet from climate change, at Milton Hill House we have created our ‘Meeting for Change’ 24-hour package, that delivers you everything you need to meet your retreat expectations.

As well as offering meeting room packages, we also offer an extensive choice of fun team building activities, a modern and professional training facility, an exclusive private dining room, comfortable accommodation, and an abundance of outdoor countryside space, our corporate retreat venue is the perfect location for you to organise your team’s event. 

To begin organising your corporate retreat at Milton Hill House, please feel free to get in touch and a friendly member of our team will be happy to help.