Corporate Team Building Activities To Increase Communication

Corporate team building exercises and activities should be an essential part of any business plan. With many team building investigations conducted across the globe, the stats speak for themselves:

It is essential that companies are utilising a corporate team building event to their advantage. Not only will this increase communication and productivity but will also create a happier working environment.

It’s important to make sure that your team can work well together, as this will improve productivity, efficiency and office harmony. It’s challenging to know exactly what activities will yield the best results but you should have think about your employees or colleagues in your company to see what type of people they are and what would bring them out of their shells so you can build trust. 

Our Top Company Team Building Ideas to Improve Communication:

  • Fun Company Team Building Activities
  • Outdoor Corporate Team Building Activities
  • Indoor Team Building Activities
  • Trivia Corporate Team Building Games
  • What are the 4 main types of Team Building Activities?
  • What are Successful Team Building Activities?
  • What are the Most Popular Team Building Activities for Businesses?

Fun Company Team Building Activities

Let’s get down to business. Below we have summarised the most successful company team building activities that we have seen at our team building event venue! To make this blog a little easier to read through, we have split it up into three different sections:

  • Outdoor corporate team-building activities
  • Indoor corporate team-building activities
  • Trivia corporate team-building games

Outdoor Corporate Team Building Activities

Outdoor team building activities are a fantastic summer event that will go down a treat with your employees! Outdoor company team building activities can promote healthy competition, problem solving and communication skills!

corporate team building activities

1: Scavenger Hunt

An outdoor activity the whole team will be on board with. Bring your team (or teams) and set them a list of random objects they must find, whether these are easy to find, like a five-pointed leaf, or harder to find like a man in a stripy shirt. If you won’t be able to bring all the items back (for example the gentleman in the shirt) you could allow photographs as evidence instead.

2: Corporate Team Building Day

Set up a sports day, complete with sack races and a relay to encourage team bonding and celebrate each other’s successes and achievements. If you are a considerably large group, then you’ll have a tremendous amount of fun!

3: Minefield

This is a corporate team building all about trust. All team members of a team are blindfolded, apart from one member. The role of the one team member who can still see is to guide the others in the team from one end of the minefield to the other, perhaps collecting items, without stepping on the (fake) mines.

4: Flip it Over

To play this company team-building activity you will need a large sheet or tarpaulin. Get the members of each small team to stand on their sheet and work together to flip the sheet over, without any of them coming off it. The first to do this is the winning team.

Indoor Team Building Activities

An indoor team building event will guarantee that the whole team has a wonderful time and will leave them talking for months afterwards!

corporate team building activities

5: Corporate Team Building Activities Cooking Contest

With this indoor activity, set your team a Ready Steady Cook-style challenge, where they must make something out of the food ingredients in the bags provided. This is excellent fun and can conclude with some laughable results!

6: Improv Show

Give a smaller team a selection of different objects and the title of a scene. They then have to act out the scene in the style of ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ and see who can get the best reaction out of the audience.

7: Human Knot

For this corporate team building activity game, stand in a circle and hold hands with other people in the circle (not the people next to you) and you will then need to work together as a team to untangle yourselves and finish in a circle of uncrossed arms.

8: Balloon Questions

Write a question on a small piece of paper. The question could be simple, for example, ‘What is your favourite hobby?’, or it can be more complex like ‘If you could go back in time, what would you change?’.

Put the paper inside a balloon and fill it up. The balloons should then be blown up and batted around (which is quite entertaining in itself). When someone shouts ‘Grab a balloon’ you must all get a balloon, pop it and then take turns to answer the question inside.

9: Follow the Leader

This corporate team event is simple but can be used as an introduction session for your team. A “guesser” is sent out of the room so that one of the remaining individuals can be designated the team leader. Standing in a circle, the participants must copy the leader as quickly as possible, without being too obvious, while the guesser tries to deduce who the leader is.

10: PowerPoint Karaoke

This activity challenges teams by giving presentations for slides that they have never seen before and giving the best presentation based on the slides that appear on the screen. The best presentation will be voted on by all the team members.

11: Give Back

If you’re not sure that games are right for you, give back by taking your team to volunteer by either baking some goodies for a charity bake sale or by volunteering at a homeless shelter or entertaining individuals in a retirement home.

Trivia Corporate Team Building Games

These trivia corporate fun team building activities are excellent for a virtual team building event and remote teams.

corporate team building activities

12: Zen Counting

Zen counting is a simple and effective team-building activity that promotes focus, collaboration, and mindfulness. Gather your team members in a quiet and comfortable space, preferably sitting in a circle. The objective of the game is to count as a group, with each participant saying one number at a time in sequential order. The goal is to reach a predetermined target number without any interruptions or mistakes. Encourage participants to remain focused on the activity and pay close attention to each number being called out. The goal is to create a peaceful and harmonious rhythm as the numbers progress. Celebrate the achievement as a group once you reach the goal.

13: The “Suddenly” Story

One for smaller groups, the participants tell a story by each individual in the circle saying three sentences and ending their turn with ‘Suddenly’, at which point the next person starts their dramatic portion of the story. This should make for an entertaining few minutes and is good for a virtual event.

14: Escape the Desert Island

There probably won’t be a real desert island on hand for this game so you’ll have to make do with your imaginations. Your team will be tasked with coming up with a way to escape a desert island with only the items they have on their person or with some items they have named.

For a little extra fun, you could pile some useless items (or those items written on pieces of paper) for the teams to run and claim before telling them about the game and what they will have to try to use those items for.

15: Who Am I?

Put sticky notes on people’s foreheads or backs of famous people or characters and let them work out who they are using only yes and no questions.

For an additional twist, make the people part of a pair so that once the participants know their own identities, they must find their partner.

16: Corporate Team Building Trivia Quiz

Quizzes can be a bit of enjoyment and it’s a fantastic idea to include around that is specific to your place of work, to make the experience more relative to you.

17: Hear Me Out

Discover how well your team can divide the wheat from the chaff in this game. One individual must read from a piece of text in a monotone voice to make the rubbish sentences and important ones blend into each other. Get the team to say what they thought the text was about at the end of the team building activity.

What are the 4 main types of Team Building Activities?

There are four main types of team building activities: 

  1. Communication 
  2. Problem-solving 
  3. Trust-building 
  4. Decision-making. 

These activities aim to improve the team’s ability to work together effectively by enhancing communication, problem-solving skills, trust, and decision-making abilities.

What are Successful Team Building Activities?

Successful team building activities are engaging and fun while promoting positive interactions, improving communication and problem-solving skills, and enhancing decision-making abilities. 

They can include games, problem-solving exercises, trust-building activities, and collaborative projects that align with the team’s goals and strengths. The key is to tailor activities to the team’s unique needs.

What are the Most Popular Team Building Activities for Businesses?

Businesses use a variety of team-building events and activities to promote collaboration, communication, and productivity. Examples include icebreakers, trust-building exercises, problem-solving challenges, and team-building retreats such as scavenger hunts or volunteering projects. 

These activities foster a positive workplace culture and boost employee morale by engaging employees in fun and appropriate exercises that align with their interests and skill levels.

Corporate Team Building Activities – the last word!

We hope you’ve found our wide range of corporate team building events and ideas beneficial for increasing communication and a significant contribution to improving your leadership skills. We have discussed our top 17 fun and interesting company team building activities. We have given you ideas for outdoor team-building experiences, indoor team building activities and trivia team building event ideas to get your brain ticking.

As a quick summary, here are our favourite corporate team building activities:

  1. Scavenger hunt
  2. Activity day
  3. Minefield
  4. Flip it over
  5. Cooking contest
  6. Improv show
  7. Human knot
  8. Balloon questions
  9. Follow the leader
  10. PowerPoint Karaoke
  11. Give back
  12. Zen counting
  13. The “Suddenly” story
  14. Escape the desert island
  15. Who am I?
  16. Trivia quiz
  17. Hear me out

6 benefits of Corporate Team Building Games

If this article hasn’t sparked some inspiration, here are some other examples of how corporate team building activities can benefit your employees:

  1. Boosts morale and employee engagement
  2. Increases effective communication in a more open and honest environment
  3. Enhances employee motivation
  4. Employees are made to feel listened to and valued
  5. Expands on team bonding between different departments
  6. Improves team dynamics and company culture

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