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Why off-site meetings are good for employee engagement

Why offsite meetings are good for employee engagement


Keeping employees engaged during a meeting is vital to make sure that you are not wasting time and that you will all leave with a productive outcome. What you don’t want is to have to organise another meeting to cover everything you were trying to deal with in the first meeting because it went nowhere, and it’s never fun seeing a room full of unengaged employees. Sometimes what you really need is to change it up so that you can get that enthusiasm and attention back.

Hosting an off-site meeting space could be just what you need to boost employee engagement and here are our top reasons why:

Technology boosts options for engagement

One great aspect of an off-site meeting is the ability to take advantage of the technology available, whether that’s the fantastic Wi-Fi or the incredible Audio-Visual (AV) technology that the venue has. This will help with presentations, demos and training seminars.

Can include team building in the time away

If you’re leaving the office anyway, you could take the opportunity to include some team building activities in your itinerary. This could be something as simple as treating the team to lunch and allowing them to socialise over a meal or through playing games and completing challenges to encourage collaborative working and showcase their skills. Team building can also help to encourage quieter employees to feel comfortable enough to speak up and trust their co-workers to listen to them.

Break the cycle to break through

It’s easy to get stuck monotonous cycle at work, going through the same processes of showing up, doing your work and leaving. Going off-site for a meeting can help to shake things up and will boost employee engagement by changing the normal workday. Having the meeting off-site will also make the meeting seem more important, as there is extra work going into organising it.

Remove distractions from other employees

If you don’t have a dedicated meeting space in your office, you may find that having meetings at people’s desks are distracting employees nearby who are not part of the meeting. Those employees being distracted will eventually lead to them being less productive, as well as the possibility that in their distraction they will disrupt your meeting, even unintentionally.

Great for commuters/remote workers

Travelling into the office can be complicated for remote workers so having a meeting in a central location can reduce tiredness from travelling, as well as be a good mood booster, as it shows a willingness to compromise and value employees.

Getting away can be good

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If you have people travelling from further away, an off-site meeting space with on-site accommodation will make life easier for the attendees and provides them with the opportunity to arrive the day before to get a good night’s sleep, which is vital for being engaged and having a good attention span for your meeting. Sometimes just getting away for a night can help employees to clear their heads and refocus on the task ahead.

Better communication

Face to face meetings are important for making sure that you are all communicating effectively as you will be able to pick up cues from facial expressions and body language that aren’t always possible to read when you are speaking over a long distance or through emails.

Set better time limits

If you’re paying by the hour for an off-site office space, it can be easier to limit the meeting to the “proper” amount of time and avoid it running over and taking up the whole day. Knowing exactly how long a meeting will be can make it easier for employees to focus better, as they will not be wondering how much longer the meeting will be going on and when they can leave. It will all be set out in advance. You can also incorporate breaks with refreshments (provided by the venue) into your plan.

Get in touch with our team today to book your off-site meeting at our venue in Oxfordshire and boost your employee engagement. We have 20 meeting spaces and can hold up to 170 people in our venue, not to mention enough free parking for all your delegates.

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