How frequent staff training can increase productivity

There is a fine balance between a good level of training and too much. If your employees are spending so much time in training sessions that they don’t have time to complete their normal work, you will have to reduce this but infrequent training can cause skills to stagnate and careers to stall, which is bad for both the company and the employees. Frequent staff training increases productivity and can have benefits for the company’s profits, the staff’s morale and the skills of the team. Our meeting rooms Oxford are the ideal place to host your training sessions.

Training improves knowledge and performance

Improved employee performance

Training is an excellent opportunity to improve the knowledge of your staff and their job performance. Training has the ability to give your employees the confidence to become more autonomous, meaning that they won’t need so much assistance from their supervisors, which will free up more time for the supervisors to attend to their other duties.

Frequent refreshers improve knowledge

Over time, people can start to lose the message and the best practices from training so it is important to offer refreshers so that they can brush up on their skills and make sure that they are still performing these processes properly without cutting corners. Even in cases where there is no sense of negligence, it is worth remembering that humans normally learn better from repeating the training, in the sense that revision is always implemented in schools and frequent practising in sports teams. Refreshers don’t always have to be classroom-based learning, e-learning is also popular and may be more suited to your needs.

Better Quality Standards (QS)

Highly-trained staff will output a higher-quality of product or service and this improved quality may entitle you to better accreditations and industry standards that will work towards a better company perception and potentially increased sales.

Improved company perception

If your company is known as one that puts money into training its staff then you will be thought of as a good and progressive employer, attracting more talent that will want to join your company, as well as attracting more clients, who will see you as a company that cares about the quality of its output.

Staff training keeps staff happier

Boost morale through new skills

Acquiring a new skill is a great boost and if you are regularly challenging employees with new skills to improve their job satisfaction, they will be putting forward a better morale and spirit throughout the company. As long as the training isn’t outside the realms of the employees’ capabilities, you will be able to encourage them to stay longer. You can then learn more from the insights from the improved employee engagement to be put into practice for more on-the-job training for other members of the workplace.

Reduction in turnover of staff

94% of staff would stay longer in their jobs if they were had more training and development opportunities. It can also cost a lot more to replace staff, as you may end up paying commission to a recruitment consultant and if it is in-house, you will be paying someone to spend their time going through applications and a couple of rounds of interviews, not to mention inductions and training. Treat your staff as individuals to help them achieve a success that will be as important to them as to your profits.

Create your future leaders using corporate training programmes

f you are implementing frequent staff skills training sessions, you can mould them into what will work for both the company and employees. For those that would like to transition onto the management track, you can start a leadership training programme or line management training programme. For those who would prefer to become specialists in their fields, you can arrange skill-specific training for them. With this added attention to the needs and desires of your staff, you can work towards reducing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction.

By implementing frequent training for your employees, you’ll improve retention rates, morale and lead to improved company performance. To see for yourself how well staff training increases productivity, book your training session at our training venue in Oxfordshire or for more information, get in touch with our team today or browse our venue hire Oxford page.

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