Postponed Wedding Ideas: 8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Having to postpone your wedding day is never is anybody’s wedding plans. But sometimes, life throws a curveball and in the recent climate, there are lots of couples who, unfortunately, have had to postpone their wedding day until next year. Quarantine has meant the closure of lots of wedding venues across the world and with your would-be wedding day looming, you’re probably looking for postponed wedding ideas.

With months of planning gone into your big day and maybe even your bachelorette party having gone ahead, we really feel for the bride-to-be. Hopefully, by now, you have a solid plan B in place and are now looking forward to your postponed wedding date. However, you will still want to celebrate your original wedding day, even if it isn’t your fairy-tale dream wedding. We have put together 8 of our very best postponed wedding ideas, so you and your loved one can still show each other the love you both deserve.

What to do on my postponed wedding day?

Below are 8 loving and romantic postponed wedding ideas that you can do on your supposed to be big day. Whether you’re a bride or groom, we’re sure that you will love these wedding day ideas.


Cook your wedding breakfast

As with any fantastic wedding, food is something that is thought about way in advance and the wedding breakfast is definitely something you’ll be looking forward to. Instead of waking up on your would-be wedding wondering what that delicious breakfast menu would taste like, why not conjure up your own version?

We’re not saying you and your partner have to turn into Gordon Ramsey overnight but take your wedding breakfast and use it as a theme. For example, if you were having beef wellington for your main, keep it simple by visiting the butchers or supermarket and buy a joint of beef to put in the oven and stick to the same sides you were originally going to have.

Or if it was the evening outside BBQ you were looking forward to, buy a bunch of food and celebrate with your own BBQ with Champaign, a cake and the same wedding playlist you had created. The perfect postponed wedding idea!

Make a wedding cake

Another major element of any wedding is of course the cake! If you are feeling like Mary Berry, then go ahead and try to cook your own wedding cake. This doesn’t have to be a three-tier masterpiece, but you can always stick to the flavour wedding cake you were originally meant to have.

If baking isn’t your thing, then go to a supermarket and buy a ‘wedding cake’. Supermarkets always stock celebration cakes and we’re sure you will be able to find something to tickle your taste buds that you can indulge in.

Whichever you choose, the important thing is to have a cake-cutting ceremony. Make sure you and your partner cut the cake together and feed each other that first slice – just like you would on your wedding day! And the great thing about doing it privately? The two of you can literally eat the WHOLE cake yourselves without having to share with anyone else.

Bring your wedding flowers home

One of the main things couples struggle with when postponing or rearranging their wedding is the change in season. You may have been dreaming of a beautiful summer wedding filled with sunflowers and peonies but now may be looking at flower arrangements to suit a winter or autumn wedding.

So to celebrate your would-be wedding day, why not bring the flower theme into your home/garden. Floral decorations are always stunning no matter the occasion and it will spruce up your garden for sure.

Go to your local garden centre and invest in lovely blooming flowers of your choice, bring them home to your garden and have your own private reception. You can even invite your very nearest and dearest round to celebrate with you. Add some extra romance to the theme with tealights, fairy lights and blankets.

Celebrate your first dance

With any wedding, the first dance is one of the more intimate parts of the big day. It’s personal, romantic and is something no bride or groom should have to miss out on. Although you will eventually get your first dance at your new wedding date, why not celebrate your original wedding date with your first dance?

Clear your living room, light some candles for ambience and practice your first dance. This is both a loving gesture and will boost your spirits.

If you really want to impress your guests at your new wedding date, then why not take this chance to learn some choreographed moves? There are so many impressive YouTube wedding dance videos out there with hilarious and amazing dance routines couples have surprised their guests with on their big day.


Buy each other a wedding gift

Everyone appreciates a good present. You don’t have to spend a fortune but why don’t you and your partner lift each other’s spirits with a wedding day present. It can be anything thoughtful, funny or something that will simply make them smile.

Or perhaps you can spend the day on a little shopping spree? If you had a wedding gift list, you can pick out the ones you wanted most and go and purchase them yourself (just remember to remove these items from your new wedding gift list).

Treating yourself to a few new things will help cheer you up and make the day not seem so bad. Flowers for your loved one is always a good idea. Or maybe your partner is desperate for that new PlayStation game so that they can be distracted during the lockdown. Whatever you choose to get, wedding gifts are definitely a good postponed wedding idea.

Host some garden drinks with your wedding party

Now during the lockdown, we are actually allowed to invite guests into your garden as long as social distancing is kept in place, however, you should always read the government guidelines before making any set plans.

A good postponed wedding idea is to invite your nearest and dearest over to celebrate your would-be wedding day. Get them to all bring a bottle of Champagne and invest in some tasty picnic or BBQ food. This way you can all chat away about what would have been your wedding day and it will make things a little less gloomy.

The event can go on till the evening and will give you the opportunity to dance to your wedding playlist, indulge in some food, get dressed up and celebrate you and your partner’s eternal love with your wedding party. You can decorate your garden with cute wedding decorations, tea lights, and flowers to make it an intimate, romantic event.


Get dressed up

I’m sure any bride-to-be will agree that one of the most exciting parts of the day is getting to wear your wedding dress! Now, we’re not saying you should get dressed up into your wedding dress, after all, it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the big day!

However, you can purchase a nice white dress or outfit and get dressed up for the occasion. Do your makeup, hair, and nails and put on a glam outfit to celebrate the day. From here you and your loved one can do whatever you please.

When you get dressed up, you often feel good about yourself which is definitely what you want on your postponed wedding day. Head out for the day if the weather is nice or have an intimate day date indoors if the weather is not so great. Either way, as long as you are in each other’s company and feel good about yourself, then the would-be wedding day won’t seem so bad.

Read each other your vows

One of the most intimate ways to express your love for each other is during your wedding vows. Why not take this opportunity to read each other your wedding vows privately? I mean, you’ll be sure to cry, but that’s totally OK!

If you want to get creative, split your vows onto different post-it notes, and scatter them throughout your house for your partner to find. This will keep both of you in high spirits throughout the day. It’s a truly delightful postponed wedding idea that is personal to the two of you.


Postponed wedding ideas recap

So, there are our 8 unique and original ways to celebrate your original wedding date. If you have postponed your wedding day, or if you are now looking for a new wedding venue, then our wedding venue may be the ideal setting for you.

Milton Hill House is based in Oxford and we have hosted many successful weddings in our time. Get in contact with us today to discuss your new wedding date and we will be happy to organise a tour of our venue.

To recap, our 8 very best postponed wedding ideas are:

  1. Cook your wedding breakfast
  2. Make a wedding cake
  3. Bring your wedding flowers home
  4. Celebrate your first dance
  5. Buy each other a wedding gift
  6. Host some drinks with your wedding party
  7. Get dressed up
  8. Read each other your vows
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