Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget

10 Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget | Tips & Tricks

If you’re looking for the very best outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We’re here to help you find outdoor wedding decoration ideas on a budget inspiration, and help you discover exactly what you want and how to potentially do it for less. No matter the time of year, choosing to hold your wedding outside has both massive benefits and drawbacks to consider. 

However, by hosting an outside wedding, you’re guaranteed to create a magical, romantic, and truly unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests; one that you perhaps wouldn’t have been able to create otherwise. So, find the wedding inspiration that’s right for you with our list of the ultimate outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, and prepare to say “I do” to the big day of your wildest dreams. 

The Best Cheap Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget

outdoor wedding ideas budget photo wall

1) An Outside Photo Wall

Give your guests the opportunity to browse through a snapshot of your family history. This is a chance for you to get really creative: you could buy a brand new table to display your images, thrift a secondhand cabinet, or build one yourself from scratch with unwanted wood! Speaking of unwanted wood, crafting a DIY wedding arch is a fantastic way to make use of what you’ve got.

You could even put a couple of polaroid cameras next to your photo wall and encourage your family and friends to take photos of the day: from the wedding dress to the wedding cake, the table settings to the newlyweds’ very first candid wedding photo. This is perfect to do either during cocktail hour or the wedding reception! This is also a very rustic wedding idea, so getting creative is always encouraged!

outdoor wedding ideas budget plant centrepiece

2) Plant-Based Centrepieces

Sure, floral arrangements look incredible when crafted by expert hands, but there’s also something quite spectacular about a homemade centrepiece. Using the foliage and focussing on the greener aspects as opposed to the bright colourful flowers will not only save you money but will also give your wedding an even stronger connection to nature. 

outdoor wedding ideas budget little details

3) Little Details

Everyone knows the phrase “a little goes a long way”, and with an outdoor wedding that is certainly no exception! Just because you’re tightening the purse strings a little, however, doesn’t mean that your wedding favours and decorations have to be disappointing. It’s little choices like donating the “favour budget” money to a charity you both care about, or gifting inexpensive flower seeds to your guests that’ll really speak volumes. 

wedding packages oxfordshire

4) Hiring a Space

The most important thing about an outdoor wedding is choosing the very best location. Whether you want to throw a backyard wedding at your parent’s house, the park where you had your first date or even a wedding venue with breathtaking grounds…

Speaking of, Milton Hill House is the perfect place to host your outdoor wedding; surrounded by gorgeous outdoor landscape, and with plenty of accommodation, you and your guests will be more than taken care of. If you’re on a budget, it’s worth checking our wedding packages page, so you can discover the perfect one for you. 

outdoor wedding ideas budget wishing tree guests

5) A Wishing Tree

Setting up a wishing tree is a fantastic, sentimental, and inventive way to involve your guests, as well as keeping well below budget. Simply visit your local garden centre and buy yourself a potted tree. On the big day, place the tree outside, alongside labels and pens. During the reception, encourage your guests to write down messages, advice and, of course, wishes for the newlyweds.

Your guests can then hang it on the tree, and you have a memory to cherish forever. This is a very budget-friendly way to connect with your guests, and with the addition of a few string lights to the tree as the night draws in, this activity can be an all-day-long event.

outdoor wedding ideas budget alfresco food

6) Fresh Food Alfresco

This one might seem a little bit cliché, but serving food that matches the outdoor theme of your wedding is essential to creating a cohesive atmosphere. If your wedding is taking place in the middle of Summer, serving fresh salads and zesty flavours (and doing so in a family-dinner-style!) is going to save you a lot of money, as well as making sure your wedding day follows a singular, creative theme. 

outdoor wedding ideas budget bottles

7) Bottle and Mason Jar Decor

Using empty bottles and mason jars in your decor is the perfect way to upcycle and save yourself a lot of money. These two items are so versatile, and can be used in practically any way you want to! From writing seating plans on the bottles to using them as flower and candle holders, using these at an outdoor wedding will always go down a storm. 

8) An Outside Tent

We all know just how unpredictable the Great British Weather can be. Even when the MET office predicts a beautiful and bright sunny day, we all know by now that it’s usually a safe bet to pack an umbrella as well as your sunglasses! 

You wouldn’t let it ruin any other day, so why would you let it ruin your wedding day? Investing in a tent or gazebo that matches your wedding colours is a great idea, and makes sure your guests don’t get drenched! This is essential to ensuring your outdoor wedding goes off without a hitch. You can see above a beautiful gazebo that we have had in our venue for an outdoor wedding! 

outdoor wedding ideas budget chalk board

9) Menu Boards Instead Of Print Outs

Using one big menu board on your big day instead of handing out individual menu printouts will save you an awful lot of time and money in the long run. What you save in your stationery budget, you can put elsewhere and spend it on things that really matter to you. Simply get a large chalkboard and get creative! Be sure to display it somewhere where all of your guests can see it, no matter where they are in the room. 

outdoor wedding ideas budget repurpose flowers

10) Repurposed Flowers

Flowers are traditionally used for the bride’s bouquet, table decorations, and various other decorations over the course of your wedding day. But what if we told you that by repurposing the flowers that are in your bouquet, you could then use them in your table decorations and save yourself a little bit of extra money? This could be a lovely and sentimental way to carry a little of your ceremony throughout the day and into the evening. 

The Best Cheap Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget Conclusion

What outdoor wedding idea on a budget was your favourite? Are you more of a foliage fiend or a flower fanatic? However you choose to decorate your wedding day, we hope you found some inspiration while reading our list! Just to recap, here’s our countdown of the best outdoor wedding ideas on a budget: 

  1. An Outdoor Photo Wall
  2. Plant-Based Centrepieces
  3. Little Details
  4. Hiring A Space
  5. A Wishing Tree
  6. Fresh Food Alfresco
  7. Bottle and Mason Jar Decor
  8. An Outside Tent
  9. Menu Boards Instead of Print Outs
  10. Repurposed Flowers

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your upcoming nuptials, then do we have the perfect venue for you! Milton Hill House, based in Oxfordshire, is surrounded by 22 acres of beautiful lush parkland. These grounds are home to an absolutely breathtaking Georgian Manor, which serves both as accommodation and the perfect spot to host your perfect day. 

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