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How to plan the perfect catering for your wedding day


There are many elements to the perfect wedding day but, other than the clothes and the ceremony, the food is one of the most memorable experiences for many guests, so you’ve got to get it right. Here are our top tips.

Consider what type of wedding you want to have

How formal you want your wedding to be will have an impact on what type of food you have. If you decide to go for a buffet, then you will need to check that there is plenty of room for many people to be up at once and weaving through the tables and that there won’t be a big wait for food through queuing. If you opt for a sit-down meal with table service, this can be better, as everyone will be getting a predetermined meal, which won’t run the risk of everybody’s favourite item running out.

How many people are you having?

The more people you are having, the more food you will need and the more expensive your catering can be. Sometimes this is solved by inviting people to the evening reception, instead of the wedding breakfast but you should also look into the wedding packages at your venue, as you may find that it’s not as expensive as you think.

The amount of people may also dictate what seating arrangements you can include, as more people will mean that you will need to take on a different style of seating to get everyone in. If your venue is as adaptable as ours, this shouldn’t be a problem.

How long will your day be?

If you’re having a long day of celebrations, try to think about when you and your guests will need to eat. If your ceremony is at noon, this will probably mean that your guests last ate at breakfast so they will probably need something to tide them over if the wedding breakfast won’t be until the evening. If you don’t have the budget to feed your guests more than one meal or you think that you might end up overfilling them, consider canapes and finger foods that they could have to fill a small gap between meals.

What are your favourite foods?

While you will have to think about what your guests might want to eat, you need to also remember that it is your day to celebrate as a couple. Think about the foods that you and your partner like to eat, whether that is a specific dish or a style of food. Perhaps the style of food that you had on your first date or the type of cuisine that you always consider to be a treat.

Do you need to consider any special dietary requirements?

If your guests have dietary restrictions for health, religious or moral reasons, you will need to consider what they will be eating on the day and if there is a way to cater to them with as little disruption as possible. For severe allergies, you may need to think about keeping certain foods completely away from the venue. The sooner you find out about any dietary requirements the better, as this will allow for you to plan your menu more effectively and will reduce the amount of stress later on.

Talk to experts

Our wedding reception venues in Oxfordshire have teams that have good ideas to what works well so talk to them to find out their recommendations. Our team at Milton Hill has many years of experience and will be happy to go through your ideas with you. Get in touch today or call us on 01235 831 474.