5 Christmas Party Theme Ideas for your Work Do

With Christmas just around the corner, party season is in full swing. If you’ve been nominated to plan the Christmas work party this year, it’s vital to get started as soon as you can. This way you have plenty of time to plan and get the night just right to bring the festive holiday cheer! 

It also maximises turnout as the majority of people get booked up quickly during the festive period. Having a theme for a staff Christmas do, adds an extra bit of fun to the night and makes it memorable. We’ve put together some of our favourite Christmas party theme ideas for this year.

Christmas Theme Ideas for your Corporate Celebration!

Film Themes

Christmas holiday movie themes are always fun for a party and during the festive season, there are plenty of Christmas movies to choose from. Why not try a Grinch-themed party? Ask everyone to dress up as their favourite character and decorate with red and green Christmas lights.

Create a mini Whoville in your venue and check out Pinterest for a host of work Christmas party ideas on holiday-themed food and drink. If you want more traditional decor go for something like The Polar Express. Here you can utilise train and snow decor and serve hot chocolate with candy canes. 

Film-themed parties are always a good chance to get imaginative and allow your creative side to show. If this idea isn’t quite right for you, we have more festive holiday party themes below.

Ugly Christmas Jumper Theme

If you want a simple theme to go with a classic Christmas party, an ugly jumper night is ideal. Have your guests bring the gaudiest, over-the-top jumper they can find and award the best employee a prize.

Masquerade Party Theme

This is a super-glamorous night, perfect for the festive season. Ask guests to dress up in black tie and ballgowns, and adorn a mask for the evening. The only rule is that masks must be worn all night and identities kept secret. Pair with a lavish three-course meal and ballroom dancing, this is the ultimate classy Christmas party and one of the best Christmas party themes for adults.

Era-Themed Evening

Whether you fancy Victorian, 60s, 80s or Christmas carols there are so many options for an era-themed party. It gives everyone a chance to dress up and you can arrange some entertainment based on that period. Music is easy, simply choose a load of themed Christmas songs or put together your own Christmas playlist to keep guests dancing all night. These Christmas party themes should easily lend themselves to some great Christmas party decor ideas.

Crafting Night

If you and your colleagues aren’t big into drinking and partying, you can still have a fantastic festive night. Why not have a party game night full of arts and crafts, where everyone gathers together to make homemade decorations for home or the office. Wreaths, baubles for their Christmas trees, cards and table decorations are all enjoyable and not too complicated to make.

Use the budget to source all the ingredients you need and it means guests leave with something they can always treasure. Have a Christmas meal or lavish buffet to go with your creative efforts and then everyone’s happy. If you aren’t big on crafts, turn it into a food event and have a competition to see who can make the best gingerbread house.

Christmas at Milton Hill House

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