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6 ways to keep your wedding on budget


It’s no secret that weddings can leave a large hole in your bank account. The dress alone sets some people back thousands, and that’s without all the extra trimmings. Weddings are worth investing in but there’s definitely some strings that can be pulled to tighten expenses, so we’ve put together a guide to help you properly budget your wedding.


Before you plan anything, you need to see what you’re up against. Spend some time researching and planning out what you would like and how much it would generally cost. Speak to friends and family members about their weddings and ask them for advice on realistic spending and budgeting, and suggestions on the best companies to go with.

Draw up a budget

With an idea of the general costs in mind, you can now draw up a budget. Decide your maximum cost for each aspect and stick to it. Use a spreadsheet or something similar to record your spending so it doesn’t get out of control. Make sure you record everything, its easy to lose track, especially of lots of little spends. If you have money left over, you can either put it back towards the wedding or save it for the honeymoon.

Decide what you really want

It’s easy to get carried away looking at other people’s weddings and what you think you should have. But what fits one person may not fit another, so make sure everything you’re doing Is actually for you and your partner. Remember, this is your day and you can make it however you like. If you’ve never liked the idea of having a sit-down meal afterwards, skip out on it and do a little homemade buffet. If your mother in law is insisting on having chair covers but you aren’t bothered, ask if shed be willing to contribute to them. Little saves here and there really add up.


This is particularly apt if you have a certain skill or business that could help people. For example, if you work in website design, offer to help your flower provider and you can get a discount. If you’re a mechanic, offer free car repairs and you could wrangle your cake for free. Utilise your skills to help people and then everybody’s happy. Likewise, if you have friends and family who could help out on certain bits, don’t be afraid to ask them. They’ll be delighted to support you on your special day and reduce some of the stress.


Take advantage of sales. If you plan your wedding plenty of time in advance you have a variety of sales which you can use and save on. There’s nothing wrong with getting things second hand or borrowing from friends. After all, the majority of things you’ll only be used once.


After the big day has come and gone, consider what things you want as keepsakes and what things you can then sell. It can be tempting to keep everything but try to think logically. For example, your wedding dress can go away somewhere safe to help you remember forever, but your bridesmaid’s dresses are unlikely to be worn again.

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